Welcome to Beijing HENGLIMING Electronic Technology co., Ltd
CUSTOM-MADE Custom service

Our history of getting every detail right means that if the user needs something 

we can make it happen, and make sure it is done right.

  • Product Development Strategy

    We provide over 1000 innovative (friendly) product design idea to our international and local customers, enriching user experience and customer brand value, and keep building new benchmark.

  • Building friendly user experience

    Human vision consists of seeing, horizon, sense of light and color, Ergonomics provides scientific proof for indoor light design, color design, and optimized vision zone.

    Indoor human mind and behavior: Despite of individual difference, generally when people are indoor they still have mental behavior in common, they still tend to react in similar ways. This is the basis when we work on design.

  • Custom Products

    We meet functional and satisfactory need based on project specification, Ergonomics, aesthetics, and our custom capability.

    Operators can adjust the position of monitor, the angle of screen. We provide various monitor holders, including Germany barometric adjustor, so monitors can be hand-moved to any position operators feel comfortable.