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  • Provincial Public Security Department

    HENGLIMING for the characteristics of public safety industry to meet the needs of the industry to launch the console products and solutions, can significantly improve the public safety emergency management functions scattered, information asymmetry, to help linkage is not smooth, emergency response capacity needs to improve the status quo.

  • City Public Security Bureau project

    The public security industry command center involves public security, "three defenses", civil defense, "120", digital city management, power supply and other units and departments of the command and control resources, through the command center of scientific rationalization, so that the decree more smooth, Disaster prevention and mitigation capacity improvement, the improvement of urban functions, the level of social governance governance have a strong role in promoting. When

  • Public Security Department project

    When the accident occurs, the alarm, whether in the smallest county or the international metropolis is the primary treatment of emergency channels. Emergency Command Center is able to operate without interruption and at the same time direct a number of departments and even municipal enterprises close environment. As the events intensify and change, the emergency center also needs to adapt to the drastic changes from catering to information and workflow.