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  • Force project

    At present, with the continuous development of military information construction, modern information and communication technology has penetrated into the army law enforcement, duty and management and other business work. The command center as an important core of the contact with the upper and lower units, it is responsible for the army information search and analysis and processing tasks, is the command and coordination of all levels of emergency operations emergency handling of the highest com

  • Customs projects

    The command center needs to adopt the comprehensive utilization of information resources such as video surveillance, remote image access, vehicle GPS positioning and so on. It combines advanced platform with geographic information system and communication command and dispatch to establish advanced, unified command, quick response, coordinated and orderly operation Efficient modern military command and service system.

  • Force project

    Hengli Ming console can fully meet the development needs of the construction of information technology, to achieve "command real-time, monitoring visualization" requirements for the military information