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  • Railway Bureau Dispatching Center

    The transportation information command center is a comprehensive business service place which integrates information command, highway construction management, warehousing logistics and distribution, which embodies the level of urban transportation, road transportation and warehousing logistics and distribution service. It is to enhance the information service, Industry decision-making and emergency response capabilities of the key sectors.

  • Depot inspection center

    The command center through the scientific organization of various types of transport services industry information, to achieve resource sharing, forming a decentralized, mixed and chaotic large transport pattern, Hengli Ming console for the transport industry command center to provide a variety of products and solutions Program, to achieve the diversification of public transport services, human nature, to achieve people easy to line, the smooth flow of the industry service objectives.

  • Depot dispatch center

    No matter what kind of transport, traffic monitoring and ensure the smooth flow of the line is the most difficult problem. Therefore, the team can get real-time information is undoubtedly the key to traffic control.