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  • Nuclear Control Command Center

    With the further development of power market and power grid construction, especially in the high degree of information technology, automation, interactive characteristics of the smart grid construction requirements, the power dispatching system has undergone tremendous changes, the power emergency dispatch system for data collection, monitoring Control systems, video and other business management has a new standard to deal with major construction accidents, public emergencies, the nature of the

  • Power system project

    HENGLIMING console can adapt to changes in the power business system to meet the increasing functional requirements, to ensure stable and reliable emergency dispatching capabilities, to minimize the loss caused by power supply interruption, rapid repair of faulty equipment or lines Electricity production and operations are back to normal.

  • Power Company Control Center

    In today's rapidly changing world, power generation becomes more complex and varied. The design of the facility needs to change with the development of the technology; it is moving in the direction of the latest type and with strong adaptability. As energy demand continues to grow, the control room needs to adapt to changing requirements while meeting existing process and technical requirements.