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  • PetroChina Monitoring Center

    The petrochemical industry is an interdisciplinary, multi-disciplined technology-intensive industry with a range of processes including geological exploration, drilling, mining, transportation and oil refining. The dispatching center needs real-time monitoring of the exploration site, the mining site and the oil refining site. Therefore, the petrochemical industry has a lot of demand for remote conference communication, remote real-time monitoring and emergency command and dispatch.

  • PetroChina center room

    HENGLIMING for the petrochemical industry customers to build a set of emergency care, linkage disposal, auxiliary decision-making, video surveillance, geographic information (GIS) and other multi-functional in one of the emergency platform, regional linkage monitoring can be achieved. In dealing with emergencies, emergency command personnel through the emergency platform, timely orders, rapid mobilization of emergency resources for effective rescue, improve emergency response capacity for the s

  • Oilfield Command Center Project

    Both refineries, oil and gas are based on fast, high-pressure environments. Each facility has specific specifications to meet the necessary workflow and technical requirements. Petrochemical facilities have a variety of processes and forms of production according to different functions. The control room needs to design a solution to its needs based on a unique process.